It’s Time To Break The Shroud Of Secrecy on Women’s Health

As women, we are masters at dispensing wisdom and knowledge.  This is how we learn, how we connect and how we grow. We share the best way to preserve herbs, tricks for feeding the picky one, and how to stop the gray.  It’s just too bad that we stop short, depriving others and ourselves of the most critical and at times life-saving threads of information. When it comes to female health, we tend to let silence fall over the room like a cozy teal-colored wool blanket, because we think we’ve got this. We can handle this one. After all, haven’t we been tough enough already? Because, hasn’t motherhood been about this one thing? About getting strong enough to take whatever life throws at us with silent matriarchal strength? To transform ourselves from the reactive young girl, into a proactive woman who sails through life with quiet, inner strength?


Our transition started small; the back pains that come with pregnancy, the morning sickness, the anxiety over blood results – all of it was just preparing us for labor. And then, labor, the be-all-end-all-mountain, we soon learned, was just another milestone. Bigger pains, bigger trials, and bigger worries were already on their way. And, then we just stopped talking. After childbirth, we seem to enter a dark tunnel of isolation where we tell no one what is happening in our bodies. Yet, this is such a dynamic, powerful time in our bodies. Staying silent is medically dangerous, and it makes the process of aging far more isolating than it should be. When we don’t share that our periods are becoming increasingly heavier, we risk treatment that could prevent anemia, dysmenorrhea, or toxic shock syndrome, while simultaneously shutting down any attempt to find treatment for a condition we may not even know exists. The topic should be focused on helping women figure out how much bleeding is normal so that they can get help before it’s too late. Too much of women’s health is shrouded in secrecy, and this never moves us forward. It takes us backward. Women are experts at imparting wisdom, and we can only do this if we start to open up and talk. You can find plenty of information from friends, blogs, and books about what to do about pre-term labor, dry skin, and fighting belly fat. Let’s break down the silence on all women’s health issues. What about vaginal dryness? It is a far more serious and painful problem that can affect a woman at any age – new moms, cancer/chemotherapy patients, and menopausal women.  If we stay silent, how would you know to tell a friend that a simple solution exists at the drug store?

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This is a sponsored post by Replens™. I received compensation for this review but the opinions are 100% my own.

Now it’s your turn. What piece of feminine wisdom would you like to share with women?  Comment for your chance to win a $100 Visa gift card.


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64 comments to “It’s Time To Break The Shroud Of Secrecy on Women’s Health”
  1. I just had my 4th baby and I guess I would just warn women of childbearing age that postpartum hair loss can last quite a while.

  2. I would just tell your doctor everything that is going on and they can tell you if it is normal or something to be concerned about.

  3. hmmm.. Im not a woman but I’d say just be yourself… don’t think too much

    groogruxking40 @ gmail dot com

  4. My advice for women would be to adhere to a regular exercise program, even if you are busy with kids. It really makes a difference in your attitude and health.

  5. I would say to take time for yourself to rejuvenate and do something that you have a passion for that makes you happy!

  6. My part of wisdom is to try to take care of yourself. Woman tend to put their family first and neglect at times getting check ups and such. Make sure to make it a point to care for yourself.

  7. My feminine wisdom would be “take good care of yourself before you take care of others”! Women tend to put themselves last.

    amy [at] uTry [dot] it

  8. As you age, try to increase intake of whole soy foods. The isoflavones in soy foods help balance hormone levels and have some estrogenic activity.

  9. I would say, do monthly breast self-examinations, does not take long and you could find a problem before it gets really serious. jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  10. My piece of feminine wisdom would be to learn to love yourself first instead of trying to be the person others want you to be or who you think you should be. People are attracted to confidence in others.

  11. I’ve recently discovered the Clue app, which gives lots of feedback about your feminine cycle. I love actually knowing when mine is about to arrive now!

  12. My wisdom is to know your worth, no man gave fulfill or give you purpose. Find out who you are before committing to a long term relationship or they will change you!

  13. You are your greatest strength. Learn to love yourself and who you are, strengths, weaknesses and everything in between.

  14. My advice is give yourself a break. Let the little stuff go and take good care of yourself. You can’t take care of others if you’re not in good shape!

  15. I’m the one who NEEDS the wisdom lol 🙂 but “everything ends” was always one of my favorites 🙂 Reminds you to enjoy the good times and know that the bad ones won’t last forever 🙂

  16. I wish my mom had sat me down with an anatomy book to discuss exactly how periods and pregnancy work. Knowing the mechanics goes a long way in knowing if something is off. -Nicole

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