Mom’s Wisdom Teeth Survival Kit

I remember falling asleep in the chair, and I remember my aunt being there when they woke me up — and that’s all I remember about getting my wisdom teeth pulled. So, we have forgotten what it was really like — and we have no idea what our moms were actually doing behind the scenes to pull us out of the 4-day ordeal. Four days — that’s what it takes before our teenager will be back to normal. Forgot that too, didn’t you?

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You need some practical advice, and a few supplies ready, before you bring your teenager home from the surgery center. Your child will have his/her own preferences — some may hate bananas — so just use these tips as a guideline — think soft and cold. 

wisdom teeth survival kitDSC_0034Frozen pea bags. Your child will look as if he’s been in a fight. He has a swolen jaw from a deep injury. They’ll need constant ice in those first hours. Ice pokes holes in freezer bags, and the Dawn dishsoap versions don’t seem to get cold enough. Frozen peas conform to your face, no sharp edges, and can be refrozen and recycled. You will need two sets of two, to rotate. 

wisdom teeth survival kitwisdom teeth survival kitDSC_0041Ice cream.  He needs “cold” on the inside of his mouth too — to help relieve the pain and get rid of swelling, even though he can barely open his mouth. But, he still needs food in his stomach’s to handle all the pain killers. So, get some ice cream, and whip up some milkshakes.

wisdom teeth survival kitwisdom teeth survival kitDSC_0038Bannanas. Your child might be able to open up enough to eat one — as it’s nice and soft. Plus they’re filling and this gives your child something to put in his belly. Add bananas to milkshakes too.

wisdom teeth survival kitwisdom teeth survival kitDSC_0045A thermo-insulated cup. This will keep the milkshake cold while he sips — a little here and there.  He drifts to sleep quite a bit.

wisdom teeth survival kitwisdom teeth survival kitDSC_0035Cream of soup. Buy the nice organic ones in the carboard containers so that you can give them variety, and have them ready whenever hunger strikes.

wisdom teeth survival kitwisdom teeth survival kitDSC_0043A pill box! Silly, I know. You think you’ll never need this — but you will. In addition to the pain meds, he will need to swallow four antibiotics each day. Your teenager is quite groggy — and you are busy, and both of you will forget. So, when he looks at you and says, “Did I take my pill?,” you’ll know.

wisdom teeth survival kitwisdom teeth survival kitDSC_0046Take the video away! How funny they are, especially right after surgery, with all the drugs and pain meds. Their friends come for visits — totally enthralled by the entertainment — but please, no video! It’s too easy for it to end up in the wrong place. 



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