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Life blogger at susiej. Owner, writer and photographer.  Generates 40,000 monthly visitors, earning sponsorships from Disney, LG, Kelloggs, GE, Gatorade, ABC, EA Sports Active, Newman’s Own and V8. Many of her posts have been featured on LifeHacker, TipNut, Apartment Therapy, Rookie Moms, Stroller Derby, and Blog Nosh.

The more you move, the more it works. This was the science behind the Degree™Â Motion Sense Technology release. Degree approached Plumbline1 to educate women about the protection of their products, encourage women to get the courage to do more physical activity, and to create an online community where they could share their adventures. By using regional blogs to promote a “move challenge,” readers learned how to log their “miles” into the Do:More Facebook page, to earn points for discounts on Degree products. Within two months, the zero likes on the brand new Do:More Facebook page jumped to 900,000.

The America Is Your Park campaign is a pathway for Coca-Cola to engage individuals in collaborative efforts to bring needed funds to America’s national parks. Since the campaign began in 2010, Coca-Cola has donated more than $1 million in recreation grants to provide needed repairs, new equipment and infrastructure to our park system.  Coca-Cola worked with Plumbline1 to allow bloggers to select a favorite park in Ohio, as Coca-Cola supplied the “party.”  The blog invited readers to create their own party at the park, by registering at and linking their foursquare and MapMyFitness accounts.

When the new USDA food guidelines were released, Country Crock, seized the opportunity to reveal how their products help meet the new healthier fats requirement. After illuminating readers were asked to post their own versions of their own healthy recipes on Facebook and Twitter.

When Green Mountain Coffee wanted customers to spend more money on Fair Trade Coffee, blog posts explained why.

How do you get families to invest in GE energy smart LED light bulbs? Pull their heart strings.

A bowl of cereal is more than a quick breakfast on the run. Over a period of six weeks, Kellogg’s used blog stories to educate consumers on the nutritional information about their cereals. inviting them to share their breakfast with kids in need on Facebook.

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