One Full Circle

Sometimes, we need a reminder, as we are raising these children of ours, and we think we want to shield them from the trauma of not making that team, the painful breakups, the missed jobs, and the mistakes. And all of the work that comes from picking up the pieces. And then, we ourselves, are faced with what seems like an insurmountable challenge, and then, with tears-shock-relief, we do it. And it all makes sense.

The struggle made the victory all the more sweeter.

And this we forget in the daily movement of our lives.

At my physical therapy appointment on Tuesday, they asked me to hop up on the bike (easier said than done) and just try to move the pedal back and forth. She saw the panic on my face, and added, “don’t go all the way around yet, just back and forth, just like you did before.”

OK… Because the last time I tried to do this, breaking up the scar tissue, I needed to scream, with each of the first three revolutions. And, I have a pretty high pain tolerance. So, remembering the trauma, I carefully pushed the pedal back and forth – and this hurt a bit, but nothing like the last time.

Ten minutes passed… and suddenly, I found myself willing to push that pedal over the top.

So, in truly, I think I can, I think I can, spirit, I pushed it all the pedal all the way over the top, and made a complete circle… and it was completely painless. A tear of joy fell… that maybe I will walk normally, after all this time.

It was so effortless and easy, that I wondered, if maybe that’s how I was supposed to be doing it last time?!

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Flickr Archival Commons

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