You Have To Be Really Careful Around This Curve…

The college boy is rowing. New this year. When I picked him up to come home for Christmas, he asked me if I wanted to see where he rows. Sure. Of course, I do.  He drove me past the house he already has rented for next year, with some guys, and yes, of course, it was too close to the bad section of town, and it looks awful. LIke worse than Animal House…but he smiled, and was proud. So I smiled with him and laughed. He continued to drive, for what was longer than I expected the drive to be to the river where he rows, and we ended up going through the worst section of town that I have ever seen in any town… Ever.

The guys pile into cars at 5:30 in the morning, while it is still dark and drive to the river. Sometimes, there isn’t room for all the boys, so they have to sit on top of each other. “But I’ve never seen this during the daytime,” he said. “I have no idea what we are driving through.”

Then, we came upon a cute and quaint little area — the revitalization side, complete with painted trim on the same vintage brownstones that we just passed one block earlier, that were covered with graffiti. This block had a neighborhood coffee shop, a yoga studio and a card shop. The car went up and down hills, around curves, and then we came to an old stone bridge that sat at the edge of a 90 degree curve. “We have to be really careful that there are no cars coming, because it’s impossible to see around.”  Then he added, “But we’re here so early, that no one is every out.” Of course, that’s what you assume… And then you know what happens.

We finally made it to the river, and yes, it was beautiful and breathtaking. And again, it was the first time he’s seen it during the day.

I was happy to see it all, where he goes, what he does, and how he gets there. More than happy that he asked to share it with me. But I marveled at such good times he’s having on these narrow brick streets, that go through good neighborhoods and bad, and wondered if he knows these are the best times of his life?

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