NYC When You Still Have So Much To Do…

I am not one of those people who can find Christmas presents for everyone in July, so that I can sit around in bliss in December, knowing that the Christmas gifts have been wrapped, tagged and bowed since August. In addition to spending the time “feathering the nest” with as much Christmas cheer as I can find, and deciding whether to glue the broken ornaments, I am in a frenzy finding the perfect gift, organizing, hiding and wrapping. Not to mention the baking…

So, it takes a huge push get me to leave my nest in December. For most of the month, I carry around this pang in my chest that I need to get something done… because I do.

But when the invitation came to visit NYC again, at Christmas time, I still hesitated. But then I yielded… who wouldn’t want to see what it would look like to see the Big Apple decked in glittery glow with Christmas cheer and lights.

Besides, I have that client to see…

The street vendors added warm, roasted Chestnuts to their steamy arsenal of bagels, chicken gyros and tabbouleh, with the smell that was a bit reminiscent of roasted popcorn.image The potted geraniums that were bursting out of urns were replaced with miniature Douglas Firs, and Boxwood’s, strung with white lights and red and white bows. My favorite display of lights was the kind that ran straight up and down in vertical rows, covering the building in one tiny neat little package.image


I was eager to see the window displays — the downtown window displays at the department stores, like the ones in every mid-size town on Main Street, USA which disappeared in the ‘80s? Lord & Taylor took the cake, with window after window of mechanical movement displays. And I did… maybe I’ll post a video later this weekend… or maybe just pictures.


We found Snoopy still sitting on top of the Macy’s store, right down the street from The Empire State Building.

At Tiffany’s, the scene was beyond breathtaking… imageespecially watching these two security guards loading four giant-sized bags stuffed of Tiffany boxes of various sizes, loading them onto a Brinks’ truck. image

Ooops… I honestly have that pang in my chest… and I will finish this post later… I AM SO BEHIND!

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