The Tree Where I Wrote the Hugh Blair Award Paper

This is the tree, where I camped out on a sunny Saturday afternoon on a blanket while in college. osu2Mirror lake was less than 500 feet away, where there was a reggae concert that I ignored. I had a paper to write — what difference did it make if it was Saturday? That means no classes to interrupt my writing time. While my friends sat by the lake, I couldn’t think of any other logical way to spend a Saturday — a break without classes. osu8

This was before laptops. 


I wrote the paper, on the theories of Hugh Blair, and it won an award, and a $500 stipend came with it. Who knew that some 20 years later, I would stand by this very tree with my sons.

Whenever I have a fourth grader, it’s Buckeye Bonanza time.osu5  The kids spend a couple of months at school learning about economics and make  Buckeye products to sell during Michigan week.osu3

Necklaces, mittens, scarves…

They walk around campus, play Carmen Ohio on their recordersosu10

in the Ohio Union.osu1

They walk through my past, with signs and billboards selling their products to other students. During Michigan week. osu9

All the money goes straight to the Stefanie Spielman Breast Cancer fund. It’s kind of surreal to stand here with these kids… and try to remember who I was then, to see if there was any clue that I might be doing this someday — with these mysteries… these children.



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