I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up. The dishwasher runs four times a day, and after its completely loaded and pushed shut, the counters are still overflowing with dirty dishes. Some days I’m able to make it downstairs to tackle the laundry, but most days, the boys start it themselves, leaving it in piles of disarray. (I keep a stash of my own laundry, the pretty things, hidden in my room, to ensure I’m the one who washes those.)

School physicals, haircuts, senior pictures, tetanus boosters, sports tryouts, forms– electronic ones, and orientations fill my downtime, while clients wait for fresh, clean, crisp copy to arrive from me in their in boxes.

There is a leg to ice, stretches to be done, and a stationery bike that my knee needs to spin. And of course, there are the home movies– the old stories to see again, when they were young. Oh, how I love hearing their voices from back then. I cannot keep up — part of it is, that I just walk so slowly….

And the world keeps spinning. This dishwasher keeps churning, the milk runs out, and I seem to fall further behind.

Right now, at least until August 16, my life follows an all-too-familiar pattern: To sleep at 1:00 am, and up at 5:50 am… on the dot.

It’s like eating too much icing from your birthday cake. You don’t want it to end, it’s all so sweet, but it’s all just a bit overwhelming. Besides, there’s only so much sleep you can do without.

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