The Flocker Gets Flocked

Every once in a while, Fun Size will tell me I need to get him to the church at 9 p.m. Actually, they are random dates and times. He says he’s goinig “Flocking” with the youth group. At first I thought this was a fun little activity to keep the kids busy and off the streets — something just as fun, yet a little more constructive than toilet papering. falmingoDSC_0104

Sometimes, I would drop him off, and there would only be another kid, along with the youth group leader, and an assistant. Not much of a show. My son gets email messages directly from the church to his personal email account — and so do the other kids. falmingoDSC_0105But apparently, Fun Size is the one of the few kids who takes the responsibility seriously enough to show up to get the job done. (His older brothers do not respond to the call.)falmingoDSC_0103

Fun Size does it because, “It helps the church.” How? I asked. Then, I realized that this is the youth group’s fund-raiser. People hire them for bithdays…And the kids provide the free labor.

So, falmingoDSC_0101I hired them. For Fun Size’s birthday today.

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