You must stay for at least one sunset

I’m re-posting this from 2008.  Still true.


This is for my Dad; who will be 69 on Sunday, and isn’t sure yet if he can stay with us for one night at the lake. I hope these pictures, of a summer of sunsets, will help to change his mind.

I know the drive is far up here to the lake. I know you want to hurry and get back home before it gets too late. But, you owe yourself at least this much. Stay for at least one sunset.

No two are alike.

But sunsets at the lake tend to stay and settle in your heart.

And they pull you back for

yet another

to the lake.
14 comments to “You must stay for at least one sunset”
  1. You’re killing me here: first of all, the photos are beautiful; second, I am not ready for summer at the lake to END. Bah! But, truly, these pics are lovely. You’re quite good.

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  3. I hope your Dad takes you up on this and spends some good time with you. Not just for him, because I know he will love it, but for you..and all the memories of him.. My Dad died at age 57, I cant believe it cause I’m 47 now , but I know my Dad was so proud of me and I treasure every memory! Your Dad is so proud of your sking for sure! And everything else about you:-)

  4. So beautiful!!

    I have a sunset “curse”…if there’s ever a beautiful sunset, I somehow don’t have my camera. And if I have my camera, there is no sunset (too cloudy, etc). *sigh*


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