You know you’re a Mom when…

Your latest fashion find is not Prada. Rather, it’s the last pair of waterproof boots of the season, in a toddler boy’s size 12, for $9.99.



And, the entire time you’re driving home, all you can think about is how much his face will light up when you put his cozy little piggies inside of those new, warm, dry, boots.



Of course, that smile didn’t come until after the requisite “fit” that they weren’t right, before I had him convinced that they were indeed Batman Boots.
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14 comments to “You know you’re a Mom when…”
  1. That second shot is gorgeous. Such joy and excitement captured there. I think I have a very similar pair of boots from when I lived in the snow! They are sooooooo warm!!

  2. Isn’t that the truth!!

    I browsed your blog a bit today…I read your ‘If I had known it was her last birthday’ post and just had to say I understand. Motherless daughters unite.


  3. Those boots do rock! I would love that deal too. Last Spring we got two pairs of rain boots for the price of one – one clearance, oh yeah!

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