You Could Put Me To Sleep Like Rip Van Winkle

No matter how much you try to turn your head when you see the school supply bins when you walk into the grocery store, you can’t deny that fall is coming.

You can see it in the way the grass is a bit browner than it was in May,  and yes, the air is chillier, but there were some cool nights in June and July like that too. But, this chill is different — winter is behind this chill. A good night’s sleep is simply behind a cold spell in the middle of summer. Yes, we are back and the lake, and I do have more Napa pics and stories, but I thought you might be sick of that by now. Plus, we’re at the lake, and Napa is so “yesterday.” Now that we’re back on the water, we can see so clearly, because of the color of the water,

 how different the light is than it was in June… and it’s precisely because the sun is sitting in a different spot in August than it was in June. I’m not talking about just at sunset… I mean all day long, the water looks different. There is a shadow in the water drops.

The water reflects this light, and now, even the water is a different color. It’s still blue… but it has a orange — something like that — cast to the water.

You could put me to sleep like Rumpelstiltskin, for 100 years, and when I woke up, I could tell you what season it is, just by the color of the water, from the reflection of the sun.

So boys, hurry up and catch your turtles and run free… the classrooms are calling your names.

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