You Are Going To Love This Meal: Or, Maybe Not

Last night, I made dinner for a friend, and through her, I had the unique opportunity to hear how my boys talk about me when I’m not around. Apparently, they are quite proud of my cooking. So proud, in fact, that they explained to my friend how I cook rice, and how I add lemon juice to it to make it taste like Chipotle. She said they wouldn’t stop talking about me and kept saying how lucky her family was to be eating my food.

Did I add that I cooked the same meal for the boys, and they refused to eat it? Because they didn’t like it? Well, that’s how dinner went down at my house.


You see, they like my rice plain… but not when I add chicken to it, and edamame (I used that instead of the frozen peas), almonds and sauce.

This is what I made that they wouldn’t eat.

Recipe is here… but my cooked rice, of course, included the addition of lemon juice. And, swap out the peas and put in edamame.

And yes, it is as good as it looks…


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  1. The BA has recently decided she might become a vegetarian. No great philosophy involved here…she just doesn’t like the texture and flavour of most meats. She is becoming a super pain in the butt to feed :-(….and I’m pretty sure she never complimented my cooking to anyone! If it were not for the fact that I am sworn off potatoes, rice and bread, I would definitely try this recipe though…

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