Yes, that is me in that magazine



The best part about writing the article for Columbus Monthly was Ray Paprocki. As the magazine’s editor, he has a way of gently coaxing words out, so they tumble onto the page like melted butter. This can be a double-edged sword; suddenly you realize there are now 500 ways to say that one thing you’re trying to say – deciding which strand to pick up and weave your story is part intuition and luck. Ray gives the writer the freedom to choose, which is a grand act of faith and confidence, making any writer feel privileged to work with him.

Secondly, I loved talking with the great mom bloggers in Columbus; amommystory, doobleh-vay, momo-fali, pepperpaints, thiswomanswork, revelry, Sundayswithstretchypants, lifedownourlane , and carrymilkweed. Hats off to the dad bloggers who unfortunately ended up on the editing floor.

And thanks to all of my editing friends who willingly read it “one more time” for me.

The sad part about writing the article is, of course, not being able to tell my Mom. So, if my friends haven’t yet bought every last copy — go get that August issue.

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11 comments to “Yes, that is me in that magazine”
  1. Thanks for including me — my inlaws were so proud! (They don’t get this blogging thing. They also don’t get this writing thing. They are just generally proud when they see my name somewhere but they don’t always get WHY my name shows up anywhere!!)

    Kristen ( says we know some of the same people and this being Columbus, I believe her. I think my friend Lis’s daughter Emma went to SYC with one of your boys. 🙂

  2. It’s possible that my mom bought every last issue already!

    Thanks for the mention. I think the article is so great. It even helped my husband understand just why I enjoy blogging so much.

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