Yes… I Made It!

I wish we could sit down over lunch and I could tell you all about sitting in the ambulance, with someone (not me), the joy of the train, watching the kids come home from school in Brooklyn,  asdf sdfsdcarrying their backpacks, the Pinot Noir at 2 in the afternoon, served by an Italian sommelier, … but I just learned my site has been hacked — hence the funny look here (yes, this will take days to fix) — and I came home to mountains of laundry and tons of crumbs everywhere, and I think a pot roast that has been sitting out for days?! (Is that possible?) But I have no time to sort out the mysteries… because I have to get ready for a new client meeting today – – with, of all things, a geographer… And, of course, there’s a soccer game tonight and the shin guards are missing…

Wondering if I’ll ever plow through…



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