Wouldn’t Even Stop to Tie His Shoes

My second oldest baby came home from school last week and said,

  • There’s this race on Saturday.
  • It’s for my friend.
  • It’s a 5K.
  • I want to win it.

The second his brother, (not THE oldest, the second) wanted to do it too. Yet, before signing them both up, we warned them that the weather forecast was not looking good for Saturday morning. They never even flinched. We signed them up.

Early Saturday morning, we took them to the race to get their registration packets, their T-shirts and numbers. The very exact spot where we took the oldest to his Regatta’s. The littlest one, not interested, suddenly was. A friend, another Mom, gave him her number. He walked/ran with his buddy.

Did I mention it was cold? Drizzly, and raining.

We waited in the rain while the little boys tried their hand at sipping the free coffee that was available. Dad passed out Gel Shots — pure sugar… Pure energy.

The friend‘s mother was there to start the race. She told us that she was sure her boys were cheering us on from up there, sending High Fives down here below to all of us. I don’t think she shed a tear…but I did.

The race started — and we cheered them off to a great start. We walked to the mid point of the race. In a few minutes — 12 — the winners came by… Running strong on legs of steel. We watched. In a few more minutes, I looked up to see the long legs of my second oldest far-off in the distance. I recognized his long black socks. Compression socks, to be exact.

I started snapping pictures… I didn’t expect this… My camera wasn’t even focused at that early time of day. I am so sorry about this mishap. Blurry pictures to mark the day. There he was, the youngest runner in the pack. He finished in 6th place overall. Completing the 5k in under 22 minutes. He was with the grown-ups! The only kid in sight.

We stood and waited more. In just a few minutes, his brother, the little guy who loves to wear green, came barreling down the course, mingled in with more adults.

By far, the smallest creature on the entire course.  He had shed the green sweatshirt by then, too hot, and the green sweatshirt was now clinging to only his head, serving more as a green cape that flew in the wind behind him.

Did I mention how shocked I was to see him so soon?When he came up to me, I started to run with him. “Your shoes are untied,” I said.

“I know Mom, but I can’t stop. I haven’t stopped yet.”

I remembered that I still had one more child left on the course, and I dropped out of the run beside him, cheering him on, and snapping more blurry pictures of him, and waited for the baby.

The green guy  finished 10th overall, running the 5k in 26.09 minutes.

Soon, the baby brother showed up.

Afterward, we went off and ate our fill of pancakes.

Love that dreary, cold, wet morning. And later that day, was when I got my nap.

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