Work at the Lake House


I thought I would spend my days using primer and paint to make my lake house trying to make it look like this. Instead, I’m not spending enough time inside (except for when I’m washing dishes – by hand) to even care what it looks like on the inside. After years of neglect, the lake house is in desperate need of some TLC. One of the first projects is the peeling paint on the garage. What does Daddy always say the secret to a good paint job is? Good prep.



If you do a good job at the scraping, you shouldn’t need to paint it again for 10 years — we promise them. Once that’s done, it’s time to crack open the paint cans. Well, you give them rollers, and you pass out instructions about making it smooth, and working it in



And then, they paint rocks.


And then, you celebrate with a nice cold glass of root beer. Because, after all, this will all be yours someday.



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13 comments to “Work at the Lake House”
  1. I love the photos. You know, one day they’ll be visiting the Lake House saying, “Remember when we painted that garage?” That’s the stuff that makes your place feel like your home.

  2. I love the pic of your son painting the rock. It looks like they all worked together and got the job done.

    Does your husband have the month off too?

  3. I also love the photos and I think the rock-painter is one handsome fellow! That just looks like the ideal summer. But, wait, come again? Doing laundry by hand? Explain yourself, or did I miss something somewhere?

  4. Yes — the boys did a GREAT job. I love the rock painter too. And yes, Gift of Green, the story about our water problems is coming.

  5. I like the pictures very much. Just looking at them gave me the “high.” Like someday these are the activities that will keep my boys busy too.

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