Won’t you be my valentine?

From one brother to another,


The worksheet.


The valentine.


If you’ll be my valentine I’ll buy you a Batman.
I’ll play trains with you.
I’ll watch Toy Story with you.
I’ll play Batman and Superman.

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11 comments to “Won’t you be my valentine?”
  1. I miss the days of handmade valentines from my baby. He’s all grown up now and is like me, in the respect we don’t really buy things for each other on valentines day.

    I did enjoy a nice meal with he and his girlfriend and they surprised me later in the evening with warm chocolate chip cookies… Not from scratch of course, but good non the less. I bet the day will come when he’ll be a wiz in the kitchen. He enjoying cooking.

  2. Chocolate chip cookies!! You didn’t have to bake them?! That’s a perfect valentine.
    So, you taught him how to be a cook? That’s a good man.

    Hmmm. think I’ll make some… right now. After I make some more bread…

  3. This is just so incredibly precious. I hope you frame this in plexiglass and use it EVERY YEAR from now on.

    Then resurrect it for the rehearsal dinner. He is a super sweetheart with such a giving heart. Some woman will be very very lucky to be his valentine some day!!!

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