Without Daring to Breathe It…

She came back for a visit, four years later, and just before I went down to meet those lovely ladies for dinner, I spotted this photo, on the photo curtain.. familyphotowindow011 - CopyI unclipped the 2012 photofrom its mini clothespin and tucked it into my bag.

imageAfter a few minutes of marveling at how much we have and have not changed, we decided to re-enact the photo, for the new and improved versions of ourselves. Now four years older, and wiser for understanding that the photo will not be just a one-off-snapshot that we tuck into a drawer, but rather, one we will probably keep, treasured share. A memento.

imageDespite our efforts to get the order right (we realized much later), we tried to do it exactly as the sun was setting, thinking this must have been the way we did it the first time…image But obviously, the bright sun, darkened us too much to see. After several more attempts to trying to get the flash to come on automatical from our phones, and closed eyes during the snap, we moved positions and came up with this one.image And without daring to breathe it, we hoped that we could once again, take another re-enacted photo in the next four years.

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