Wine Cork Yardstick

At Christmas, it seems we’re always looking for a place to hang those precious Christmas cards from friends and family, and all the treasured art work the kids bring home from school.  This might be your solution.  There is very little wall space in our kitchen. So, when I saw this ingenious way to turn a yardstick into a bulletin board with wine corks, I set to work. (If you don’t have wine corks on hand, visit your local wine bar, and they’ll set you up.)
imageBefore I started, I wrapped a rubberband around the top of the yardstick, about 1 1/4 inchies down from the top.

imageThis will be the “hook” that hooks onto the command strip to hang the stick.

imageThen, I started hot gluing the corks onto the stick.

imageFor now, I’ll use the stick to hang our Shabby Pillows, the Jesse Tree Ornaments,  as we head into Christmas.


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