Will There Be Enough Wooden Clothespins?

Will there be enough wooden clothespins to hold my cherished memories? Memories of our years at the lake captured in black and white, strung on gardener’s twine and stretched across a window that does not present a view of the lake. Will there be enough window space as the years add up, and the pile of snapshots grow?

I once thought that was my biggest problem.

3 comments to “Will There Be Enough Wooden Clothespins?”
  1. Funny how problems can be so relative.

    Reminds me of the era before digital, when a photo was something tangible that you held in your hand, then found a special place to store and share.

    Digital has done many things to the art, but I’m slightly saddened that it seems to have made it less tangible. I need to hang my photos at eye level more often, because flipping through them on a laptop just isn’t the same.

  2. I just love this. I hang a banner across our dinner table showcasing my kids’ artwork. Once things get put away in a box or album, it is easy to forget they exist. So nice to look upon them whenever you want.

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