Will Love Keep Until the Morning?

I left love on the table today. So many words left unsaid. I didn’t pour that love into my kids today. Instead, it was an unbearably frustrating day — whining and bickering. Bedtime couldn’t come fast enough. It came. They’re asleep. And now I just want to run into their rooms, wake them up, and tell them how much I love them. Today, the love just wasn’t getting through. It’s tough sometimes.

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4 comments to “Will Love Keep Until the Morning?”
  1. This was my Friday. I was so frustrated I cried. And picked a fight with my poor hubs.

    I’m glad though you wrote this. There is comfort knowing someone else has these moments of wanting to wake them just to say, “I love you.” Especially after a not so nice day.

    Hopefully your following day was better, mine was.


  2. But love also includes the fights, the lacks. It doesnt’ mean a perpetual smile and right behavior. Love is first and foremost intimacy, being real, the good, the bad and the ugly, which all of us display at one time or another, if we are open. Connection is what we all want, not niceness, but someone who is real and open about who she/he is. Girls, give yourself a break. You are much better at all of this than you believe. And your kids and husband know this, too. As an internationally famous Nanny and observer of human frailty, I feel that I can say this to you with authority. Part of love is feeling that you never did enough no matter what you did or did not do. Your families are lucky to have you.

  3. Been there, felt that. It’s usually their smiling happy faces first thing the next morning that lets you know everything is alright. Hope that happened for you – I’m sure it did.

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