Why You Want A Red Lightbulb For Christmas: Banish Wrinkles and Arthritis? You Bet…

You too? Busy, crazy holidays are sneaking up on us! I have been dealing with some crazy health issues – regarding some abnormal skin cells, which all had a happy ending, and I will sit down to write about it soon — because I want you to know how the lowly eggplant is actually a skin healer — much more on that to come.

I’ve put off writing this because I knew it would take me forever to get it all down. I’ve been researching this since July!!! But, at the same time, I’ve got my red heating lamp, and my plant grow light and my skin is looking better every day — and my knee has never felt better… So — I’m just going to briefly sum up what I know, and let you start looking into the research and see what you think.

In the meantime, I have been wanting to write to you about the affects of infrared red heating lamps (yes – the kind you find in chicken coops) and red led bulbs, that put out little heat. To sum up a long story, I bought the Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Treatment Mask as an alternative to Accutane for the boys — and I ended up researching the light therapy — which is amazing — and I used it myself on a terrible cut I got on my upper lip while at the lake this past July — the fourth weekend. I needed a stitch, but we all agreed, that it was smarter not to have any doctor up there touch my face — because there were no plastic surgeons available, if you know what I mean. My brother in law, who is a doctor thought the best option was to keep it well moisturized and hope for the best. Which I did — but I also started using the boy’s mask — and in two days — I was completely healed.

This led to more research — and I was quite frankly, fascinated by everything that red light can do — both LED and infrared heat lamps. The main difference is the fact that the heat lamp can penetrate much deeper into muscles — so we are talking the best therapy for arthritis and inflammation and sore muscles and injuries.  This is my latest knee therapy!

These lamps have a very specific spectrum — NM is the number you want to pay attention to, 400 for blue, and 660 for red led. There are no UV rays in any of these lamps.  It’s like getting all the healing benefits of a day at the beach — without the harmful rays. So no — no tan. But many tanning salons, the smart ones, are converting their UV bulbs to red infrared bulbs.

But — if you follow this thread, you can read about the most amazing benefit when it comes to fighting wrinkles and healing the skin from sun damage.  Read about this study, and keep scrolling down until you get to the before and after pictures.  Amazing!

To get this therapy at a spa, or medical office, prices actually start at $700. You can buy an at-home system, which start at around $80 and go up to hundreds of dollars. BUT!!! Here’s the Youtube video of an esthetician who invested in a plant grow light — around $25 — that gives off the red and blue led light in the exact same wavelenghts!  I have one already!!
Bottom line — my face has never looked brighter and fresher, and I wonder why I need to wear foundation some days. And — the soothing heat lamp is like lying on a beach. Keep your time to about 10-25 minutes a day, or every other day — and you’ll be golden!
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