Update: Why Kids Call Home: Laundry

I must add — it’s not just boys. Moms of girls get the same calls.  Even the girl who is majoring in fashion merchandising came home with her bag full of laundry, and as she watched her mother get to work, said, “That’s cute how you sort them by color.”

The calls have been rolling in the evening — typically on a weekend night. They have one common theme: “How can I tell if it’s too full?”  “Is it OK to put me jeans in with the towels.” “What temperature should I pick?” We, meanwhile, have been biding our time at home, wanting to text and call, but holding back, trying to give them our independence. We are elated when our phones light up telling us he’s calling. They need help.They are in distress.  Yes, we trained them before they left, but the washing and drying machines are different, the look different, the controls are in a different place, and they use different words, (hence the question, “Mom, what are delicates?”). They’re in a different environment, and they are confused. Which might explain the one son, who realized, after he added the detergent, and closed the door and hit start — that he started with the dryer first.

So, this is how the flood gates of communication between college student and mom begins — with the laundry questions. And this is how it will continue, for the rest of our days. Moms serve as the google search bar, as we are just a phone call and a text away, answering questions from “Can you cook Ramen noodles in the microwave?” and “It’s 2 am and I can’t stop coughing.”

Some things, we’re better off “not” knowing. The bed sheets, for example. The maker of Simple Sheets found that College students only change their sheets 3x per year. Lazy? Yes. Without questions. But think about it — remember how hard it is to get to that back corner of a bunk/lofted bed? Sometimes the elastic just grabs that corner and will not come off. So, following the path of least resistance, they simply forget about it and sleep on the sheets for another week or more.
Simple Sheets™Â makes it possible for the college student to get that fitted sheet off and back on.  They use Velcro. So, once you get that base sheet on — it’s on for the year. The top of the fitted base sheet is cut out — leaving edges of Velcro all around the edges, so that the “top” of the fitted sheet is simply attached via the Velcro. To wash these sheets, you simply strip off the sheet from the Velcro — leaving the elastic in place, so that you can throw them into that overly-stuffed washer. Plus, the sheets include the bedside pocket – perfect for storing keeping their IPhone, headphones, calculator and pencils in place.
The best way to explain it is to show it — here’s a photo:



The fabric feels like cotton — but it’s not, they are hypo-allergenic — and  wrinkle free. The manufacturers say that fabric is comparable to a 1500 thread count cotton fabric — but they’re wrinkle free.  They’re actually quite soft.


So, here’s the deal. I know you’re always looking for something to put into those care packages you send to your kids. So, I’m giving away a $50 Vanilla Gift card to put into your next college car package. The card is safer than cash,  and safer than cash, and exactly what your college student needs.

To enter in this giveaway, leave me a comment about the question either you as a college student, or your current college student, called Mom about.
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