Why go to the lake in the

summer when there’s so much more fun in the Winter?

And, like my friend Sarah says — there are no no bugs, no sunscreen, no dirt. Just snow — and it just melts.


When we arrived a couple of days before New Year’s Eve, the lake was deserted, with just a few houses occupied with people. At twilight on New Year’s Eve, the snow began to really fall. And fall. And fall. Soon, we had 12 inches.


Soon, light in empty houses across the lake started to pop on, with friends and family coming in the spend New Year’s Eve on the lake.


We set off bunch of fireworks; we started a bon fire; and we roasted s’mores. There is nothing quite as good as a s’more on a snowy night.



It was hard to leave. Actually, come to think of it — it was very HARD to leave. We shoveled and shoveled, twenty minutes later -we shoveled and shoveled again. And then there was this winter storm that seemed to be attached to our van… But, that, is for another story.


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  1. you said there’s just snow…and beautiful photographs!!!! these are all so great. i just love taking pictures of snow, in snow, lit by snow…gorgeous!

  2. All of you who are afraid of the cold?! You’d be surprised what a great pair of snow pants can do for your body heat…

    OK, everyone, I have to fess up on these photos:

    You know my camera is broken — right?! So, I took these with my cell phone! Yes, my cell phone. (The big ones, were taken with my camera before it broke.)

    I was SICK watching that snow come down, and I had no camera — so I thought I could at least try the cell phone.

    The pixels are so small on my cell phone camera that when I opened them on my computer they made my eyes blurry, and they just about gave me a headache.

    So, I just kept them thumbnail-sized to keep the blurry stuff down.

  3. the pictures look great and am sure those s’mores tasted even greater =) ahhh…must have been such a heart warming time with the family =)

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