Who Doesn’t Like Their Coffee Clean?

It could be considered a bad sign when your heart starts to race the minute you drive into the parking lot at Rural King. This store is a farmer’s supply store, and is basically a pile of vintage just waiting to be discovered… and it doesn’t even know it. There are galvanized metal washtubs in all sizes and shapes, baby chicks walking around the store (they living in a big oval washtub in the middle of the store) sacks of grain used to feed horses, twine in all sizes, and this big bin of coffee sacks. Each coffee sack, or should I use the term used at Rural King, Gunny Sack, is $1.99.  This is were I found the Gunny Sack for those awesome Rain Forest Curtains.

After that post appeared, I began to get requests from friends at home. (There is no Rural King where we live.) “Could you please pick up some burlap coffee bags for me? I want to make pillows.” So, while my older son was keeping the other boys busy at the free popcorn station, I took another look into the coffee sack bin, and I found this.

What a great way to start the morning. Who could argue with that? So, I added some black ribbon, and hung this in my kitchen at the lake.

Burlap is awesome. In the morning, the light comes through this window, and blinds you, and washes at the words just enough… and then later, when the sun goes down, the words come through, nice and dark… just like coffee.

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