While Daddy’s Not Looking

We’re sneaking around and making his Father’s Day Gift. Below, I’m showing you just one part of the entire gift we’re planning. The big gift is a diy whiteboard, that we made from an old frame — more on that later. (The man at the frame store who helped me put the “Pins” in said it was ingenious, and wanted the gift for himself…) Dad also needs a place to hold his new dry-erase markers, right?

This vase was leftover from an paperwhites package.  It was simply collecting dust on a shelf.


I printed this picture from the printer… after adding the words,  “WE LOVE YOU DAD” to the sides.

The vase is about 4 inches tall, so I scaled the picture to 4×6 inches.

After cutting the excess paper from the photo, the boys mod podged the picture to the vase.

A perfect place for Dad to store his dry-erase markers. Soon, I’ll show you the diy on his whiteboard.

Total Cost for the project was free… all of the supplies were stuff I already had.

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