Why You Might Need Wake-Up Call Protection Here

Here, the Fourth of July is hailed as if it’s Christmas morning. In the tradition of Paul Revere, megaphones are used to call people by name, from the street, which can be heard in their bedrooms, to bring their feet to the floor with a thump, to get ready for the coming parade. The floats? They have been dreamed up, created and built for over a year during the city’s numerous block parties.

You can buy “insurance” (recommended if you like your sleep) to protect your ears from hearing your own name being called, for $25.

For days in advance of the parade, patio chairs line the streets, as spectators have already “claimed” their spot.

I have a client who asked me to create a video for her that epitomizes the celebration that is poured into the  Fourth of July.

You can watch it here.


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