Where do you hide presents: Survey results

Other than the most obvious answer, “I don’t hide the presents, Santa does,” I received quite a few helpful suggestions. Here they are:
“Cover the wrapped gifts with towels or newspapers.”
“Place them on a high shelf in a linen closet.”
“Store them under the bathroom or kitchen sink, or in the laundry room.”
“I would hide presents in the basement in Avon boxes, they just thought they were my stuff and never looked in them. Also we would hide them in the garage in garbage bags. They would never look in the garbage. Then I heard of someone hiding them in boxes that were marked for HALLOWEEN. At Christmas time who would want Halloween?”
“Place small gifts inside an old purse, plastic bag or briefcase, and hang it in a closet in a spare bedroom that is not used very often. ”
“Leave your gifts at work until the holiday is upon you.”
“Ask a neighbor, family member or friend to hold the gift.”
“Trunk of the car.”
“Closet locked with a key.”
“My child never cleans under her bed — so I actually hid them there and she never found them.”
“I put them wrapped, under the tree, and tell them not to peek.”
Thank you for your suggestions.

Be careful not to hide your gifts so well that you forget your clever hiding places. If necessary, jot down the locations in your organizer, or tell someone else where you’ve put the gifts.

And by the way, in case you were wondering. Mine were actually hidden in the garage in garbage bags — and they still found them. (See pictures below, “Where do you hide the presents.”

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