Where Bullets Make Art

 A caption on the Sohza website says, “Imagine a world where every bullet was melted down and turned into art.” This art, this jewelry, is handcrafted by women breaking out of the oppression of human trafficking, AIDS and social injustice. “Each piece has a story to tell,” and you can watch them heremuichik.color_.fl_.neck_.map_-600x600

Sohza is founded by a talented friend of mine. Sohza is dusting off these exquisite pieces of art, and showcasing each one on Sohza, where 15% of the sale of each item goes to a charity to help women in need here. 


Sohza says,

The amazing thing is that when given the opportunity, a woman can make positive change for her family–for her community. Societies thrive when women are empowered. Communities grow when women are protected and safe. Because women are caregivers. They often put the needs of others before themselves.


I have written a piece on the Sohza blog. Go over and read it here

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