When Words Won’t Do: Life-Skills I’ve Learned on You Tube

If you’re still using YouTube to watch the Panda Jump, or listen to the boy tell us Charlie bit him, you’re missing out. YouTube has become my virtual source of how-to for everything from fixing the oven to coming up with pranks to play on my kids.  I spent a few years lost without my ability to pick up the phone and call Mom to ask,  “How do you….” until I discovered that there is a video on everything on YouTube. My favorites list expands to cover entirely new topics everyday.

  • Today the bottom of my freezer was loaded with ice, and melting water was dripping out the door and onto the floor. You Tube showed me how to unfreeze the drain tube. (Although I simply used a turkey baster to run hot water into the tiny drain without taking apart the back of the freezer — I tip I found somewhere else on YouTube.)
  • The boys recoil at this, but they actually learned how to clean the bathroom in under 4 minutes. They have yet to put it into practical use — but someday, I’m hoping their wives will thank me for at least introducing the concept to them.
  • In seconds, quickly peel a hard-boiled egg, with GUSTO!
  • Once, when Dad was out of town, we huddled around YouTube to figure out how to tie a tie in the five minutes we had before my son left for Dance Club.
  • Artichokes in the grocery store looked a bit too tempting. But what to do with those things? So complicated. Learned how to roast them with little effort. Simply Roasted Artichokes.

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  1. My 20 year old also figured out how to tie his own and his 6 year old brother’s tie from YouTube, saved me from a major panic attack!

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