When The Kids Come Home From College and Help

When the fourth child told the class and the teacher, (who knows all the brothers) that his whole entire family, especially his older brothers, tried to talk him out of making such a big animal, the Emperor Penguin, the teacher “laughed and nodded her head.” PENGUIN002 PENGUIN003

Yet, despite all of our warnings, and I-told-you-sos, he was focused and worked through every obstacle that Penguin brought.

So, when the big brother came home from college that weekend, and he was in charge, I gave him the odd job of wrapping that penguin in fur. That turned out to be the best use of my mothering skills yet.  Still fresh in his own mind, only about 7 years earlier, he already had the gift of hindsight, of his own Grizzly Bear.

penguin and grizzly2PENGUIN004

Flashback — three of the four boys from back then:



So, when the day came to see the animals, there was nothing but pride for a job well done.

penguin and grizzlyIMG_5498 penguin and grizzlyIMG_5495 penguin and grizzlyIMG_5515


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