When the Jelly Beans Started Rolling, I Realized I Had Done Too Much

The 5 PM Easter Egg Hunt got moved to midnight, and then, some of us still weren’t all home then. So, we had it at the outrageous time of 1 PM in the afternoon on Easter Sunday. The Easter Bunny came, and didn’t leave the exact same sized chocolate bunny for each basket, and that was more trouble than it was worth. I kind of wished the Easter Bunny hadn’t shown up, if he was going to create that much disparity and injustice.

After the Easter Egg Hunt, I asked the boys to put all of their “egg shells” into the tub for next year, and one of them kept all his Jelly Beans in a little baggie, and kept them on his plate as a “side dish” during lunch. We asked him to remove the tempting bag of confection, and a struggle ensued. The bag ripped, and the Jelly Beans, started rolling all over the floor. By 1:45 am on Easter Sunday, Easter couldn’t have been over fast enough.

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