When It Rains It Pours

Last spring a national magazine asked me to write a full cover article on gardening — and also wanted to buy my photos. I finished the article, sent the photos, survived the edits, and made it through all the publishing hoops. Finally, they sent the bluelines — the atachments are still in my email box. (A blueline is used primarily to check accuracy and position before plates are made before printing — showing all text and images, in a single color.)

At the last minute, the magazine pulled the article out — saving it for next year. 2011.

I did eat my sauerkraut and pork on New Years Day — my mom’s recipe for a year of prosperity. Yet, now that same magazine, ready to run my article in 2011, is now gone. They just printed their final issue, and I just missed it. What really hurts is this was an important article that would have benefited lots of readers — and now they’ll never know.

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