When He Was Master of His Universe

Oh. My. I was innocently scanning through photos, looking for something specific, and I stumbled upon this archival photo.  First of all, those puppy dog pajamas were requested because they wanted a puppy, and we kept saying no. Sleeping with puppy pajamas was the next best thing.


Second, those puppy pajamas are always worn by his younger brother. Fun Size never wears those pajamas, and the baby still wears them.  Little did we know, Fun Size wore them too.

The crown.  What is up with the crown? Was it his birthday?  I can imagine what must have filled his head, as he settled down to sleep, on his pillow, with the sharp edges of that crown pushing against his head.  King of the world, master of his universe.

And Koala.  Koala bear has been everywhere at his his side…


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