When driving through Atlanta

Take I-75 and head straight into the city, and avoid I-285, the outer belt. In most cities, you can follow the traditional advice, as well as MapQuest and AAA’s Trip Tiks travel maps, that always take you on the outer belt to “avoid downtown traffic.” Not so with Atlanta.  Here’s why.

  • Not only is I-75 a shorter route, but since the Olympics, Atlanta re-routes trucks from its three major interstates to I-285, leaving I-75 clear, and I-285 jammed.
  • I-75 offers high occupancy vehicle lanes (HOV) to keep cars moving and out of the way of entrance and exit ramps.
  • With so many businesses expanding to the ex-burbs, there is more traffic outside of the city.

Check out Google live traffic maps,  to see I-275. Part of  this road is always gold; less than 25 mph.

This advice doesn’t hold for Macon. Always take the outer belt in Macon.

Busy, busy, busy on the road.

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