What To Do When You Burn Yourself

This little remedy is so remarkably fast and effective, that I think it would be wrong not to share this with you.

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My burn was bad, but not bad enough to go to the emergency room. I was making waffles, a waffle got stuck, I was scrapping out the bad bits, and then I turned the whole iron over on top of the trash can, and the waffle iron flipped, and the hot part landed straight on the palm of my hand. And then there’s that milli-second delay, when the nerves are sending a signal to your brain to move… and then there was the awkward heaviness of the waffle iron, and trying to manage that… a burn.

OMG, it hurt… so bad. And you know how a burn is. It can keep hurting for days. I said a quick mercy prayer for all of the burn victims… OMG, how can they stand it?!

The heat kept stabbing me, over and over. Ice was the only relief…

Lavender helps. The essential oil. No, it doesn’t just HELP… it eliminates the pain. Somehow, it sucks all of that fire right out of the skin. I found my bottle in the first aid kit of the bathroom, and sprinkled it on the burn, straight. No carrier oil. Just sprinkled it straight onto the burn. For the next 20 minutes, I alternated between ice and lavender oil, and I think that the melting ice kept washing off the lavender, keeping it from doing it’s job of soothing. But I just couldn’t let go of that ice.

Soon, I was able to wean myself from the ice, and the lavender oil did it’s trick. In less than an hour, that stabbing heat was gone!

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