What Rosie Misses

The fall out from my injury is still reverberating through the household. But no one has suffered more than Rosie.  Especially the short 2-3 mile running bursts we would take together four times a week.


One of the bright spots, recently, was that the stem cell shot actually did allow my MCL to regenerate — without the need for surgery. So, while I will still need surgery on the ACL, that shot, in the long run, was worth it.  Part of the healing process of the stem cell shot involved “locking” my leg in one position for several weeks. Obviously, atrophy set in while the MCL regenerated. Now, I am in the very painful and slow process of building muscle tissue back, and increasing flexibility. Once the leg is strong again, I will be ready for ACL surgery

As part of the rebuilding phase, my doctor recommended ten minutes on the bike each day, to help increase range of motion.  So, imagine Rosie’s elated surprise to see me pull out my trusty running shoes and put them on.

Elated, she sat by my side as I tied the shoes. When I stood up and started walking… But instead of heading for the door, I went downstairs.  She followed… All the way to the stationary bike, where she got comfortable and was my cycling companion.

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