What Really Happened at Thanksgiving

I run under the assumption that I think I know everything that happens in our house. That is, until I start reading the kid’s school journals about what they did — or rather, their impression of what happened.  Here’s some excerpts from my first grader’s Thanksgiving Journal:

…”and I went home. and I ate a hal (half). (why the period here?) jiyit (giant) pes (piece) ovfe (of) piy. (pie.) (So that’s what happened to the rest of the pumpkin pie.) and hers (here’s) my storey of Thanksgiving (why no period here?) I ate to servings of mashbtados (mashed potatoes.) ”


and I fergot to add. This brother was being. a sise (sissy) on the tbogin (toboggan) becos (because) he was scord (scared).  of his. (heights)

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  1. Well I think the period question is obvious! Periods go AT THE END OF A LINE!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahah (except I have pupils who think this in secondary schoo..or rather they are not sure so they leave them out altogether)
    Well that brother can certainly tell a story! I love it. I am so glad I am going back to this next year 😀 (happy thoughts)

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