What REAL Toys Look Like

As a follow-up to my post, When Toys Become Real, Like Veleveteen, here’s a pictorial:

This is how Woody arrives from the store… with the movie character’s name, Andy, already embossed on the bottom of the boot.


After a few good months of love, this is what the other boot looks like:


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21 comments to “What REAL Toys Look Like”
  1. Such a great shot! We have many old toys from my mothers childhood days in Germany. They are wood as well. Good memories, thanks for sharing!

  2. 🙂 When our guy was little he went to Target w/ his mom..and OMG he lost Woody’s hat. He cried through the store in his little voice “I wan Wooooody’s Hat!”..
    We bought a new woody JUST for the hat..I know, can you say spoiled rotton.

    Woody and Buzz are the BEST!

  3. A kids gotta make his own mark on the world, one toy at a time. And he’s probably been wondering, “Who the hell is this Andy character anyway?

  4. LOL…yep, kids just dont understand the cost of living and TOYS until they are out on their own buying them for their kids:) Happy WW my friend. Thanks for stopping by:)

  5. That’s so cute! Dudelet went through a big toy story phase, though Buzz is abandoned in a box somewhere by now. He’s a fickle little monster, though altogether lovable with it.

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