What Not to Wear: Yoga pants are looking better everyday

“I don’t want anyone touching your hair. Just wear it curly until I get back.”
This, I hear from my hair stylist, when I learn he will be in Vegas for a hair show — before the black tie event on Saturday. My hair looks good – when the wind is blowing just right. Except for the crush he has on my husband, Lanny is vital: he has for ten years consistently NOT given me that “just had a haircut look.”

I just don’t have time for all this “fashion” stuff. Not interested. The other day – the day of my 12 things I don’t like about Motherhood day, (I guess I won’t be getting that Mother of the Year Award afterall), I looked for a shirt for 10 minutes before giving up. I found it later, when I was THANKFULLY, putting on my PJs. I had been wearing it the entire day.

Nothing fit my in-between size 6-8 petite frame at Banana Republic. If my fashion consultant hadn’t been there to tell me No, I would have bought those jeans that were too short, just so I didn’t feel as if I’d wasted a trip to the mall. See, she’s already saving me money.

My own What Not To Wear saga continues on Wednesday, when I meet my fashion consultant again to find that perfect suit. And now, we have to add the problem of finding this cocktail dress, and shoes — before the black tie event on Saturday. (I don’t think any of my maternity gowns will cut it this time.) My friend Jen gave me a gorgeous, flattering halter dress to borrow – but it’s too big. Too bad, it would have been fun to wear it and remember her at the same time.

I don’t know, the deeper I get into this, I think wearing yoga pantsall day is the way for me. They’re not just for yoga – they’re black, they hide all the dirt from the 4 boys, and they stretch when I’m chasing them around the house. Suits me.

But I’m running out of clothes. But I do like the idea of having fewer clothes – paring down to just a few that fit me well – if only I could find them at the mall.
Instylesays most designers swear by this underwear? Cosabella Low Rider Thong?They say it builds a solid foundation for a flattering fit. Hmmmm.

Lucky for me, there are blogs to help guide me. Here’s an article that sounds intriguing: Looking great and feeling great at 40+. Don’t you just love the sound of that? I’m reading that. And I do like the way the Urban Socialite mixes the latest fashion with current events and art.

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7 comments to “What Not to Wear: Yoga pants are looking better everyday”
  1. Hi Susie!

    It’s going to be interesting to see how all this comes out.

    But, by your picture, you look cute enough that you could get away with wearing yoga pants all the time. 🙂

    Happy to have bumped into you!

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