What is thunder again?


In the midst of a busy life, take some time to be a kid again.

Today the weatherman is calling for thunderstorms. I imagine myself curling up on the screened porch under a cozy blanket reading a scary fairy tale to the kids. Soon, they’ll start asking me “what is thunder again?”  By now there are so many variations the boys have heard that there is no clear consensus.  My original version, “God is just moving his furniture,” has been replaced with one the older boy’s picked up at school:  “Chuck Norris is taking a walk.” As the boys truly have no idea who Chuck Norris is, they assume he is some mythic gigantic icon, sort of like Paul Bunyan, and this description of thunder seems to quiet them and leave them in a state of awe.

2 comments to “What is thunder again?”
  1. Oh I love that picture for some reason. And if it’s a really, really bad storm with lightning etc, Chuck Norris could be fighting it out with Jet Li.

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