What Brothers Are For

The literature teacher asked him to write a short little bio; something to show her who he is as a reader; who he is in the family.  He thought it would be so hard… as he belabored over his own version, I came up with my own version:

imageI am the only boy out of the four in my family, who conquered each of the Harry Potter books before he left elementary school. My family is competitive: We seek to show our superiority in all aspects of life, including the amount of excitement one can inspire in the family dog, Rosie, when we walk through the door, our running times, number of soccer goals (I hold the record) and water sports.

imageIn the summer, I try to forget that we are in the state up north, far from my favorite team, The Buckeyes. imageInstead, I channel my competitive spirit to the water, where I am unable to compete not in “time” but in craziness.


image What new “trick” can I perform on the water today that my brothers will not even attempt to try? If they can ski on skis, I will ski on a single ski; I will even try doing it without skis. (No one has even tried to beat me on that one; yet.)  If they master the wakeboard, I will try skiing sitting down, on the air chair. I have even started attempting a backflip and a 360 on the wakeboard.


Brothers: I’m not sure why we have them; so I try to make the best of what I have by ensuring we have our own free, ring-side seat to the hottest games in town.

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