What Boys Do When Moms Block the Wii

They spend days and days building their own


life-size battle cruisers,


complete with imaginary flame throwers

that “destroy stuff.” They add


steering wheels


and controls for speed.


It helps, a bit, that we don’t make them pick it all up each night — so they can build on the previous day’s progress… like REAL construction workers.

I seriously need to look into getting a couple of tons of sand dumped into our yard in the ciy.

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3 comments to “What Boys Do When Moms Block the Wii”
  1. We definitely need a big pile of sand in our back yard. My son especially would play in it for hours. That’s what he does most of the time when we’re on vacation. Sand is a great toy.

  2. It’s so funny to see sand next to a lake. Most lakes here involve reeds and grassy banks and mud 🙁
    I well remember those holiday games which were ‘left up’ overnight to be continued the next day…good times. Glad to see kids using their imaginations!

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