What Are You Doing In My Pantry?

I found this little can of tomato paste three summers ago at the lake. This variety comes “With Italian Herbs,” and that little bit of spice changes up this little can of paste miraculously into a kid-friendly, bitter-free sauce.

Spread onto a tortia shell with a bit of mozzarella cheese, and popped under the broiler for a few seconds made a perfect afternoon snack on many summer days.

When I came back home, I expected to find this can lined up in the grocery store shelves at home. But alas, I’m still waiting for this stuff to appear. So I have resigned myself  that Italian Herb tomato paste is just one of those summer delicacies reserved for the lake.

But here I am, at home, and the can is here on my shelf, and it seems oddly out of place. Some over-zealous packer must have packed these up and taken them home on their last visit to the lake. I don’t have the heart to break it open here at home. Just wouldn’t seem right.


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