Wet Eyes


All four of them, even the little ones, sit through the long text that appears on each page of this version of The Wizard of Oz, wonderfully illustrated by Charles Santore. What’s different here from the movie? Aunt Em is described as a young, pretty wife, soon changed by the sun and wind: “they had taken the sparkle from her cheeks and eyes and left them gray. She never smiled.”


At this following passage, when the Wicked Witch of the West has been melted, and Dorothy and her pals are reunited, I found myself a bit choked up.

When at last the Tin Woodman walked into Dorothy’s room and thanked her for rescuing him, he was so pleased that he wept tears of joy. Her own tears fell thick and fast at the joy of meeting her friend again. As for the Lion, he wiped his eyes so often with the tip of his tail that it became quite wet, and he was obliged to go out into the sun till it dried.

Here, my five-year-old said, “Why are my eyes so wet?”



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  1. Really? I just wanna hug him. They don’t think it’s scary at all? I haven’t let them watch the movie because I thought it would be scary. I think it’s a better idea for them to read the book first. My 6 yo loves books so I will look into that one.

  2. Yes, the little boys saw the movie last year; but for some reason they didn’t really LOVE it. My oldest son was frightened when he saw it the first time, about 8 years ago, so he never developed a liking for it. However, this book has opened their eyes to another side of the story, and I want to show the movie again — I think it has really changed their perception of the whole story.

    My second oldest loves the whole part of figuring out who’s who the scarecrow is this, Glenda is Aunt Em, etc. He LOVES that.

  3. Isn’t it amazing when children, for the first time, find themselves crying tears of joy or sadness just from reading the words on a page? I distinctly remember the first time I cried reading a book – it was The Yearling.

  4. You’ve got a very tender-hearted boy there. It’s such a great experience – reading together. I haven’t read The Wizard of Oz in years. There are so many books from my childhood, I just can’t wait to share with Julia. One of my best memories is reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe with my family.

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