We’ll Bring Back Snow

Yes… it is days before Christmas, and there is another party is scheduled at my house in just a few days, and no, we cannot squeeze yet another event into our busy days. My husband was good enough to mail the stack of Christmas cards for his family  — mine was not.

Yet, despite all the crazyness of undone “to-do” lists that only kept growing, we found a College boy to babysit, and off my husband and I just escaped away from it all and headed off to Chicago. Who knows what shape the house will be in when we get back — and who cares?



Crazy? Yeah, a bit.  Chicago has yet to warm my heart: A spent a few days here a few years ago when my Mom came out of her coma — I missed it because I was there. And when I came back home, she had already slipped away.  As beautiful as this city is — I can’t look down at its sidwalks and not think of those words I never got to say.

But can I just tell you — Chicago is so romantic at Christmas.

He took me to a Champagne bar, called, POPS.



We headed to this Tappas Bar…twice!


A spinach salad loaded with EEVOO, (I mean, the olive oil must have been freshly pressed it was so rich) freshly shaved Parmesan cheese and pears, at 10:30, after being ravenous after walking all over the city — was heaven. Then we had to order more — beef spareribs, veal meatballs…

Shopping on Michigan Avenue

Went to Marbles — and we were so overwhelmed for choices for the boys.

Those sad memories of mine began to fade a bit. Ironically, melting on the icy sidewalk.


Now, just hoping the air cools enough so that we an bring back some snow for the boys.

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