Weaving Stuffed Monsters

On Saturdays, sometimes we head down to the art museum for Doodles. weaving002Art supplies are freely available, along with help from artists, to help you make the “art of the month.” This month we were weaving.weaving005

Felted wool, crude diy-cardboard looms,weaving008 and lots of scrap materials were wrapped and tucked and woven around. We added bells to ours.weaving006

Next, we pulled off the “weaving”weaving009 and cut a piece of felt for the back, and using embroidery thread, began to stitch the felt to the weaving…2001

leaving a little hole in the back to add stuffing.2002

We stuffed it, and created a face.weaving004

Then we hung it on the door for Rosie to ring whenever she wants to go out…weaving001

which she hasn’t quite figured out yet. 

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