We Could Have Been Eating Fresh Kale

It’s been unseasonably warm. We are still waiting on winter — but from the looks at the forecast — it’s not coming around again until November. Snow appeared once or twice — but no long spells of cold Mid-West temperatures. Weeds that were growing when we raked leaves last fall, are still green… the air never got cold enough to kill the weeds. (Or mosquito larva?)

We could have planted.  We could have planted all of those cold-tolerant vegetables that people in California plant in the fall. We could have eaten spinach, kale, and beets all winter long. Fresh from the garden… if only we knew we weren’t going to have a winter.

This heat makes me feel uncomfortable…seeds could be germinating by now… I’m wasting this heat. So, I pulled out a packet of seeds — multi-colored carrots —


And, by request from the boys, who believe digging up carrots is too much work, (I agree) we planted them in a pot… so when it’s time to harvest them, we can just dump the pot, and wash off the carrots. Brilliant.

Nasturtiums, I will plant tomorrow. Those edible flowers take forever to come up — I hope to make Nasturtium Pesto at least by July this year… rather than August. Nasturtiums are  hardy… they can handle whatever March has in store for them… so they are soaking tonight… to be planted outside tomorrow.

Please, pick up a packet of Nasturtiums the next time you’re at the grocery store… they’re on those racks by the check-out. Soak them overnight… (hard shells) and plant them, in a pot, or along your walkway. One edible plant that brings so much beauty.

For onions… I simply saved the bottoms off the onions… and planted them. A tip I learned on Pinterest. I also learned you can do this with leeks… that’s tomorrow.

Kale seeds, beets radishes, and all sorts of greens could be planted too — those things that grow  underground can certainly handle March.(I planted them all last March, and it was colder then… and they did just fine.) So many opportunities right now… can hardly wait.

So, I may have missed a nice fresh batch of Kale… but at least, I have seeds that are germinating. This brings peace to a gardener’s heart. I can hardly wait to read your emails to see what you have already gotten a jump on in your garden — your emails inspire me so, very much.



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