We Cheer at Sunset

It’s been so hot, and so dry for so long that I just wonder if the earth is just going to burn itself up. I wake up earlier for my morning run, hoping to beat the heat, and yet, that star in the sky bears down on me like an anvil. Afterwards, I dive straight into the lake — which is now as hot as bath water. Instead of feeling cool and wet, I just feel wetter.

“How could it be that hot? How could you possibly be that hot at the lake?” We are… and oh, how we complain. The lake has become a giant hot tub that does little to keep us cool. We’re a bit pathetic– complaining about the heat as we sit in the water, in our bathing suits, on floaties. To avoid cooking, the moms here, scrounging around for cold food that we can serve without adding heat. But, it’s too hot to eat, anyway. Just hand me that watermelon and I’ll be fine.

We cheer at sunset -not because it’s beautiful, but, because we’ve had enough of that star for the day.

Once upon a time, when it rained — yes, it used to rain here! Yet, it’s hard to imagine it now, as the grass, now more like straw, crunches under our feet. The rain came with those wicked straight-line winds.

The winds knocked the deck chairs into the water,

smashed the pop-up tent like a pancake,

and then lifted the water trampoline and carried it straight up over the hill to the top of a telephone pole,

where it majestically flew for the duration of the storm.




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  1. Hope the trampoline was the only damage. We have been very lucky both at home and at the lake as far as little damage. However the pond at home is very low despite running water from the “pond well” in it pretty much 24/7.

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